Now you can relax a bit; finding the right marketing company is exhausting, but rest assured your voyage is now over. No more wasting money by throwing ad dollars out into choppy seas. Our highly creative, brand-centric, meaningful-data-driven, trusty ol' shipmates have your back. Ahhh...was that a sigh of relief?


We research the heck out of our clients, their challenges, and their audience. Once we know you like the back of our flipper, crafting unique brand identity and messaging, implementing the proper cross-channel marketing plan, and developing robust user engagement strategies is a cinch. We then analyze all relevant data and take action if necessary to ensure our clients aren't wasting their hard-earned benjamins.


Our LEAN agency model keeps us flexible. We set clear cross-channel performance goals for our clients, and if we see a storm a'brewing in the form of undesirable results we quickly chart some course corrections and make the required adjustments.

  • "(We) were very impressed and, frankly, blown away with the presentation by Andrew Rice & the blu20 team! The logo, web cover, and messaging were absolutely exceptional!"

    Ray Dobson - BJ Tidwell Cabinetry

  • "Awesome. We feel like part of the team. Been doing this a long time and that is a rare feeling to have as a client."

    Ben Barnes - Miami Nation Enterprises

  • "From strategy to implementation, their creativity outshines the rest."

    Mat Ball - 24 Fit

  • "It's the little things that count. Their attention to detail is flawless."

    Clay Stark - MSW Inc.

  • "Leo who? Those big dogs better look out. There might be a new agency in town. Is that what you wanted me to say?"

    Lane Clevenger - Clevenger Financial

Plenty more where that came from.

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